Modern Experience Of The Internet

Sharing Experiences

Sharing our experiences with others via the internet is now such a normal part of everyday life. Whether it is posting photos from your evening out with friends; the sarcastic one liners letting everyone know you are not best pleased with your partner, work colleague, friend, mother; or the “selfie” from the department store changing rooms as you try on that new dress (!) So normal are these little glimpses in to friends and families hour by hour lives, all flashing before us on

Imagine a World Without Paper

Imagine a World Without Paper

The introduction of internet technology was meant to also be the dawn of a new age, the paperless society.
We were told this would be good for the environment because we would no longer need to cut down huge swathes of forest every year. We would no longer need massive amounts of storage space and archive material. But it hasn’t turned out to be quite like that, though, and how realistic is it?

This Month in Suffolk – Lowestoft June 1665

The Battle of Lowestoft took place on 13 June 1665 during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. The two opponents were, at the time, struggling to dominate the ‘carrying trade’. A fleet of more than a hundred ships of the United Provinces commanded by Lieutenant-Admiral Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam attacked an English fleet of equal size commanded by James, Duke of York forty miles east of the port of Lowestoft in Suffolk, England.