Christmas 2017 Appeal 2 – Laptops for Africa

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Christmas 2017 Appeal 2 – Laptops for Africa

Conservation & Community Project

Kesgrave High School Sixth Form has a proud record of encouraging their students to “look beyond” their academic studies and provides annual opportunities for teams to participate in wildlife conservation and community based projects in countries such as South Africa and Zambia.
During a previous visit to South Africa in 2016 they were able to take 15 unwanted laptops with them to donate to schools, communities and aspiring entrepreneurs to help with IT training, business start-ups and simple tasks that we take for granted, such as writing a letter. These laptops were out of date by our standards, running old operating systems and open source software – most of them didn’t even have working batteries. But to developing communities they are much prized administration and learning tools, helping local people to improve their own lives or those of others.

Old Laptops Needed

Kesgrave High School Sixth Form will be visiting South Africa once again in July 2018 and would very much like to repeat this initiative and we have offered to help, if we can.
Do you – or anyone else in your family or workplace – have an old laptop that is no longer required?
Will you or anyone else in your family be getting a new or replacement laptop for Christmas?
If so, Kesgrave High School will gladly take it off your hands and make sure it gets to someone who can use and appreciate it in Africa.
If you have anything that you think may be suitable, no matter how old or out of date, then please consider making a donation.
We have offered to help by spreading the word and by offering to be a collection point for your donation laptops.
Even your dusty old laptop that has been consigned to the loft or the old one sitting under the pile of papers in the corner of the office or the old laptops sitting your IT department – please help spread the word and speak to friends, neighbours, work colleagues and have a bit of a rummage, as it could make a huge difference to people on the other side of the world who don’t have access to the simple things that we take for granted – and we can help Kesgrave High School Sixth Form get them there!
Please be assured that Kesgrave High School have technical staff in school, who can securely erase any existing operating system, software and personal data (without accessing it) if you don’t know how to do this yourself.

Laptops will be accepted between now and the end of April 2018 to allow time for the school technical team to assess them.


Laptops for Africa

How To Help

Please contact Sarah or John at HomeStore on 01473 721041 or email if you would like to donate an old laptop or you can contact the school directly –
Mr M Stapleton, Assistant Head teacher and School Expedition Leader, for further details (please mention that you saw this blog)
Thank you for taking the time to read this and please click here if you would like to see the work of a previous group to Africa.