Laptops For Africa – Part 2

Laptops For Africa – Part 2


Back in December last year I wrote a blog about a conservation and community-based project to South Africa which my daughter would be lucky enough to be taking part in.
Kesgrave High School (KHS) were asking for donations of old laptops to take to South Africa for children at a school near Port Elizabeth. I’m not sure where the time has gone since writing that 1st blog in December 2017 and unbelievably this amazing trip and very worthwhile conservation and community project has now taken place.

Donations of OLd Laptops

Colin from CFB IT Solutions handing Laptop donations over to KHS pupil


We put the appeal out to readers of our newsletter and Colin Beggerow, owner of CFB IT Solutions, came up trumps for us. He was able to very kindly donate 9 laptops which were no longer up to UK business standards and all wiped clean of information and history.

Pupils with Laptops

Expedition Team members from KHS before departing for South Africa

The laptops were taken to Kesgrave High School well in advance of the expedition and then along with all the other laptop donations were checked over, wiped of outstanding information and simple software put on for the children, e.g. word and paint. Team members then carried the laptops as hand luggage on the flights to Africa.


Below is a picture of some of the children and KHS team members at the school near Port Elizabeth in South Africa where the laptops were donated, where they will help the children learn and develop IT skills, including word and excel.

Team members visited the school where the donations were made and had the opportunity to take part in one of the childrens IT lessons (which was an afterschool club) They also visited a local orphanage where they spent time with some of the younger children, and helped with the preparation and planting of a new vegetable garden.


Safari in South Africa -Rhino

As well as community work the team had the opportunity to work with animal welfare and conversation officers and were able to learn about the problems caused by poachers in the area and how this affected the community as a whole; then going on safari to actually track and view animals in their natural habitat.

South African School

South African School where Laptops from the UK were donated

Thank you

A special thank you must be given to Colin for his very kind support in donating these laptops to this very worthwhile cause.

Laptops for Africa

Colin at CFB IT Solutions donated laptops to our Appeal

Colin said “It was great to be able to donate laptops which were surplus to requirements for UK based companies to a local school and a worthwhile cause, I am glad the project was a success and would be happy to support and help with any future projects of the same nature”.

“Bit about my company.

CFB IT Solutions Ltd are a locally based IT support company supporting small to medium size businesses with their IT support requirements and needs. They can offer tailored IT support contracts, remote support, hardware/software procurement, cloud hosting/solutions, security solutions, PC/laptop repairs and upgrades.”

You can find out more about CFB IT Solutions here.