Archiving, Office Space and Storage Post Pandemic

Space needed to store paperwork and archive documents
Archiving, Office Space and Storage Post Pandemic

Archiving, office space and storage post pandemic

As offices re-open following the lockdown, they have had to install safety measures to protect those staff who need to come into the office and who therefore cannot continue to work remotely.
Inevitably, this has meant spacing desks further apart, installing protective screens and strict cleaning regimes.
But there are many businesses and organisations that are legally required to keep archive documents. Some maybe for many years. This includes solicitors, accountants, health authorities and local authority social services. Especially those involved in the protection of children and young people.

Legal Requirement

In some cases, the legal requirements mean these documents must be kept for many years and if they are in physical form these archives can take up a great deal of space.

However, despite a more general move to online archiving there have been some well-publicised instances of breaches in data security. In recent years GDPR (General Data Protection regulations) have imposed strict rules on the protection of people’s personal data.

Historians and researchers, also, point to the value of physical documents as an aid to understanding context and reference for developing their theories and knowledge.

The Solution

Space needed to store paperwork and archive documents

Physical documents may need to be kept for many years

There is a solution if it is necessary to keep physical documents and this is our archiving storage service.
It offers both security and easy accessibility and we can organise this access, if necessary, just for key staff members.

Also, the conditions inside the facility are of a constant ambient temperature where paperwork should not deteriorate.
We here at HomeStore can help advise on the best way to archive your documents so if your office is drowning in paperwork why not give us a call.

Image by Henryk Niestrój @ Pixabay