HomeStore’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is a time of fun and laughter and we hope you like our take on the traditional 12 days

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me   …

Autumn Falls But A New Year Starts

The Autumn is here and a New Year too?

So again the autumn is here and the nights draw in and as they do we seem to start a new year or yearly cycle governed by school, jumpers and Christmas.

The UK A Nation of Hoarders

What makes us a nation of hoarders?

According to new research from Cushman & Wakefield and the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK), in March 2015 there were approximately 2,650 storage facilities in Europe, over 80% are located in just six countries.

UK has the most storage facilities than any other country in Europe

UK has the most storage facilities than any other country in Europe

The UK is the largest market with 40% of the total, followed by France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Sweden.

UK (INC. CONTAINERS): Population: 64,100,000 Est. no. of facilities: 1,077

FRANCE: Population: 66,874,000 Est. no. of facilities: 336

THE NETHERLANDS: Population: 16,982,000 Est. no. of facilities: 282

SPAIN: Population: 47,727,000 Est. no. of facilities: 263

GERMANY: Population: 79,829,000 Est. no. of facilities: 143

Ipswich Town Ladies Win But Kirkley Never Lose Their Passion

Ipswich Town Womans FC

On Monday 9th May the Suffolk FA Women’s Cup Final was played between Kirkley and Pakefield FC Royals and Ipswich Town Ladies.

The kick off was at 7pm and with HomeStore being the main sponsors Martin and John had the honour of meeting both teams before kick-off and we were all able to watch from the hospitality seats in the Cobbold stand.

Ipswich started the game as they meant to go on and after just 10 mins were 1-0 up thanks to the opening goal by Hollie Clement. Three minutes later Molly Hall made it 2-0 to Ipswich followed by Libby Dixon at 28mins and then two goals from Amanda Crump at 38mins and 42 mins, bringing the half time score to 5-0 to Ipswich.

Sponsors of Suffolk FA

Originally posted in September 2015 at the beginning of our sponsorship deal with Suffolk FA Girl’s and Women’s Football.

With our new sponsorship deal for Suffolk FA Girl’s and Women’s Football for the 2015-2016 season and everyone questioning me on do I have an interest in football, and who do I support etc. I thought I would delve a bit deeper into the history of women’s football and get a better sense of the women’s game and how it has developed.

It really only seems that the women’s game to has come to our full attention in the past few years, however there is some tentative evidence that the women’s football, not surprisingly, has been around as long as the men’s game.

Good Bye Old Friend

Mr. Squirrel Packs His Bags


After seven years of being part of the HomeStore Self Storage team Mr. Squirrel is going into retirement.

He first made his appearance in 2009 on our then new website and has played a big part in advertising the HomeStore brand ever since.

He made a rare personal appearance at Ipswich and Suffolk Small Business Association, ISSBA’s main yearly event, Anglian Business Exhibition or Suffolk Business exhibition as it was then, at Trinity Park in 2009. He was quite joyful at the fact he was free for the day and happily went round all exhibitors handing out hazelnuts and made quite an impact with everyone.

From 2010 things went a bit quiet for Mr. Squirrel, he was happily promoting our website and newsletter but not much more, and then in late 2012 he had his first and possibly his last acting role, starring in the HomeStore video.

In the video, he played the part of an elusive squirrel, looking for somewhere safe to store his nuts, being pursued by the ever crazy David Atyourborough. There is a happy ending and the video which can be seen here, put Mr. Squirrel firmly at the forefront of our customers’ minds. The video was used to raise funds for the local hospice as every view a customer made we donated £1 to the charity, through this, Mr. Squirrel helped us raise over £200.

Following the video, Mr. Squirrel made one or two very low key appearances, one being in a spot the difference competition in 2014.

Now, with a fantastic seven years under his belt, he is moving on to dreys anew and we at HomeStore would like to wish him all the very best and say a fond farewell for a very happy retirement.

Good Bye Mr. Squirrel, we’ll miss you.

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