New Business Born From Lockdown

New Business

There are opportunities during the bleakest of times and many people who have sadly lost their jobs during the pandemic have come up with innovative new businesses to make a living.
Some people have turned their crafting hobbies into a small business, while others have identified the skills they have that are

Christmas Events 2021

Street Lights

Christmas Charity Events

This year, perhaps more than in recent years, many people will be struggling with higher food prices, as well as escalating energy and other bills. While there are charities set up to help the disadvantaged they, too, will be finding it harder to raise funds. There are a number of charity events planned for the run-up to Christmas that you may wish to help: The Bury St Edmunds Womens’ Aid Centre is holding an open day, White Ribbon Day, at its premises at 24 Saint Andrew’s Street North from 11am to 3.30pm on 25 November. You can hear more about their work as well as making a pledge to the campaign. A festive Carol Service also in Bury St Edmunds at the Cathedral will be in aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service. It’s on December 6 starting at 6.30pm. A business networking event in Ipswich at Paddy and Scott’s, Ambition House, from 2.30pm on December 1 will publicise the work of the Ormiston Family Trust. The Christmas Craft Fair, at Kersey Mill, near Hadleigh, will raise money for the Hadleigh Food Bank. It is on Saturday 27th November 2021 from 10am -4pm. The Christmas Market at Trinity Park, Ipswich, on Saturday 4th December is being held in aid of the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity. There will be approximately 70 stalls to browse through for food, drink and gifts so you can kill two birds with one stone. Also, there are always plenty of drop off points for food donations in most of the local supermarkets that support various local food banks.

A Big Thank You to our Customers!

We have been very happy to be able to help so many people over the last 12-18 months with their storage needs; especially as most people who store have a very emotional story to share and we have been touched by some very moving experiences – thank you.
We know that putting all possessions into storage and out of sight can be emotional and possibly a daunting thing to do, but we have been very pleased to be able to help so many people and hopefully allay any fears or concerns or preconceived ideas they may have initially had about what storage is.
We also thank you all for your patience with the Covid measures we have put in place throughout the pandemic.
If you’d like to leave us a message or a testimonial here are the links:

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Thank-you from the HomeStore Team

John, Angie, Nicky and Sarah

Quiz. How Well do you know Suffolk?

Quick Quiz

Quiz Time

1. Which Suffolk village signs has a horse-drawn cart standing next to a mill, along with a church topped by a crown?

2. Which Suffolk village has mostly been submerged by the sea?

3. Where is there a famous sculpture on a beach with the words “I hear those voices that will not be drowned” around the edge and who was the sculptor?

4. Why did an Ipswich-born Cardinal fall out of favour with Henry Vlll and what was his name?

5. Which Suffolk-based manufacturer makes an ingredient that goes into Maltesers and where is it?

6. Where were the first lawnmowers mass-produced in England and by whom?

7. Where and when was Radar developed?

8. Who was the King of East Anglia before the Norman Conquest?

9. Which popular 20th Century newspaper cartoonist worked in Suffolk for much of his life and where is there a statue in his honour?

10. What is the statue in Giles’ Honour?

Clutter Points and How To Avoid Them

Cluttered Room

Clutter Points in The Home

While many people have used the opportunity to carry out home improvements during the recent lockdowns, it is equally likely that with recycling points, charity shops and the like closed, we have built up a certain amount of clutter in the home.

What To Do With Camping Gear And Garden Furniture After The Summer?


Camping and/or Garden?

With lockdown restrictions and travel uncertainty causing many people to avoid the risk of an overseas summer holiday it has been reported that sales of

A Little Help for Small Businesses

showing a unit being used for online retail stock

A Little Help for Small Businesses

Happy New Year to you all as the country returns to strict lockdown number 3 in an effort to control the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is hardly welcome news for all those businesses, particularly in retail, that are deemed non-essential and have to close their doors.

Moving House Before The End Of The Stamp Duty Holiday

moving van being loaded with boxes

Are you moving house before the end of the stamp duty holiday?

One of the measures introduced by the Government to help during the Coronavirus pandemic was to raise the level at which Stamp Duty was payable on house purchases up to £500000.

The deadline for the end of this relief is