Archiving Documents

Can a business use a self-storage facility as a Single Alternative Inspection (SAIL) address?

Space availability for the storage of documents can be a problem for small businesses.
There are certain documents on which Companies House imposes a legal

Working Abroad and Your Home

Working Away

It is not unusual for businesses with operations in several countries to ask employees to work at a different location for a time. If this is likely and you will be working away for more than six months, and your family is likely to be moving with you, but it is not a permanent move, you may not want to sell your home or leave it empty.

You may instead decide to rent out your home.  We’ve put together a

Laptops For Africa – Part 2


Back in December last year I wrote a blog about a conservation and community-based project to South Africa which my daughter would be lucky enough to be taking part in.
Kesgrave High School (KHS) were asking for donations of old laptops to take to South Africa for children at a school near Port Elizabeth. I’m not sure where the time has gone since writing that 1st blog in December 2017 and unbelievably this amazing trip and

GDPR and Archive Storage

GDPR Applies to Paper Archives Not Only Online Records

Many businesses and other organisations are legally obliged to keep records for a defined number of years.
These records, for example, legal documents and health records, are often in printed form and it may not have been possible to convert them into digital records.
However, paper records can soon start eating up space and one solution has been for organisations to store them with self-storage companies.

Football 2018

The World Cup

So, the world cup is over and things have gone back to normality and now we are just a few days away from the new football season. From my very humble opinion, Russia 2018, turned out to be

Significant People and Events in Suffolk

John Winthrop

John Winthrop from Edwardstone, a small village approximately 7 miles west of Hadleigh in Suffolk, led the first large wave of

Adult Children Living at Home

How Do You Cope When Your Adult Children Need to Move Back Home?

Eight years since the start of the Global financial crisis, seven years of austerity and now Brexit-induced inflation have done little

Myths and Misapprehensions

Self-Storage myths and misapprehensions

Myths: Self-storage is for hoarders, usually