Laptops For Africa – Part 2

A school in South Africa which was visited by the Kesgrave High School expedition team


Back in December last year I wrote a blog about a conservation and community-based project to South Africa which my daughter would be lucky enough to be taking part in.
Kesgrave High School (KHS) were asking for donations of old laptops to take to South Africa for children at a school near Port Elizabeth. I’m not sure where the time has gone since writing that 1st blog in December 2017 and unbelievably this amazing trip and

Kesgrave High School Sixth Form Zambia 2017


Zambia is a large country at the heart of Africa and the only place in the world where 4 countries meet. With huge open plains, and barren rolling hills separated by a network of rivers, the wildlife is abundant, scenery is stunning and it offers any visitor an amazing African experience…
But a typical African adventure is not what we do at Kesgrave High School.