New Business Born From Lockdown

New Business Born From Lockdown

New Business

There are opportunities during the bleakest of times and many people who have sadly lost their jobs during the pandemic have come up with innovative new businesses to make a living.
Some people have turned their crafting hobbies into a small business, while others have identified the skills they have that are transferrable to other services and set up as freelancers.

But in times when space in our homes in limited, especially when the children are being home schooled or on school holidays, storing newly-made stock for a business is just one cluttered step too far.
It can also be difficult to find the room to be able to work in peace and quiet.
But there is a solution.

Home Crafting turned Business

Not Just Any Old Storage Space

Our units could be just the quiet place you need to be able to work, store your materials and your finished products.
We have described before some of the many uses to which people put storage units. They have included rehearsal spaces for musicians to a quiet retreat to be able to read in peace.
So if you need space away from the family, much as you love them, to concentrate or to be creative or simply to store your finished products, why not give us a call to find out how much it would cost you?

24 Hour Working

Don’t forget, we have a secure site with 24/7 access so you can access your unit whenever suits you best.


Image by Pixabay