Archiving, Office Space and Storage Post Pandemic

Space needed to store paperwork and archive documents

Archiving, office space and storage post pandemic

As offices re-open following the lockdown, they have had to install safety measures to protect those staff who need to come into the office and who therefore cannot continue to work remotely.

Importance Of Local History Archives

Why are local history archives important?

A recent report in the East Anglian Daily Times about a local historian’s efforts to find a local home for his substantial collection of local photos, records and books prompted this blog.

Although the issue was that he wanted his collection to stay in the town that was its subject, it does prompt the wider question of why such collections are so valuable and the difficulties of finding accessible places in which to preserve them.
We live in an age where the increase of online sources of information and opinion-forming are everywhere and instantly available, but it could be argued that this has limited both people’s abilities to store information in their memories and has also shortened attention spans.