New Business Born From Lockdown

New Business

There are opportunities during the bleakest of times and many people who have sadly lost their jobs during the pandemic have come up with innovative new businesses to make a living.
Some people have turned their crafting hobbies into a small business, while others have identified the skills they have that are

A Little Help for Small Businesses

showing a unit being used for online retail stock

A Little Help for Small Businesses

Happy New Year to you all as the country returns to strict lockdown number 3 in an effort to control the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is hardly welcome news for all those businesses, particularly in retail, that are deemed non-essential and have to close their doors.

Archiving, Office Space and Storage Post Pandemic

Space needed to store paperwork and archive documents

Archiving, office space and storage post pandemic

As offices re-open following the lockdown, they have had to install safety measures to protect those staff who need to come into the office and who therefore cannot continue to work remotely.

How confident are you about going out as non-essential businesses open?

Empty Restaurant

Lifting of Restrictions to some Non-essential business

From June 15 opening restrictions on Non-essential shops, zoos and National Trust outdoor spaces have been lifted.

Of course, shops have had to put in safety measures, sanitisation stations, screens and safe distancing guidance, which will mean the queues outside will continue. Local authorities have introduced one-way systems for walking and have also closed some roads in town centres to ensure people remain safe.