Clutter Points and How To Avoid Them

Cluttered Room

Clutter Points in The Home

While many people have used the opportunity to carry out home improvements during the recent lockdowns, it is equally likely that with recycling points, charity shops and the like closed, we have built up a certain amount of clutter in the home.

Working From Home – The Impact on the Rest of the Household

Creating a productive workspace is possibly not an easy ask for some people. And while in the current climate this has become a necessity for many, there will be an impact on everyone in the household.

This is part 2 of my mini series of blogs looking at different aspects of working from home.

The impact on the rest of the household needs to be considered when arranging your home.

Making Space For Working At Home

Creating a productive workspace is possibly not an easy ask for some people and while in the current climate this has become a necessity for many, it may be more simply said than done.

I have written a mini series of blogs covering this subject of making space to work from home.

The considerations of making space at home and actually being able to achieve this could be miles apart and there are several considerations to bear in mind.

A space to work

Springtime Refresh for House and Garden

A springtime refresh for home and garden?

The days are getting lighter and Easter will soon be here.
This is generally the time when we notice those parts of our homes that need a bit of a refresh and when we start to sort out the garden after

Keeping Christmas Traditions Alive

Keeping Christmas traditions alive

A survey of 1000 mums carried out by the website made for mums, found that as many as half of all children (52%) still believed in Father Christmas at the age of

Memories and Possessions

Do we need to retain our memories of special moments?

How many of us actually ever look at those souvenirs we have kept of special moments?
They are often items of little monetary value – a champagne cork, an old theatre or concert programme, faded letters, a much-battered child’s toy – but more sentimental memories.
Psychologists argue that our relationship with possessions is based on the fact that we own them, which means that we

List Makers – Rule breaker or Well Organised

Are you a list maker?

Further to a blog which I wrote back in Feb 2017, this is a great follow-up written by Alison Withers on our behalf –

There is an interesting psychology behind the making of lists.
They can indicate that the person is a rule breaker, or that they are compulsively well-organised. It all depends on what you do with the list after

Self-Help & Home Management Strategies for OCD

By Eric Van Buskirk

Anxiety is a normal and essential response in the human body, signaling our nervous system in reaction to feelings of endangerment. It’s important to recognize that the distinction between healthy anxiety