Downsizing Your Business For Energy Saving

Downsizing Your Business For Energy Saving

Soaring Energy Bills and Downsizing

Soaring energy bills have been pushing up costs for many businesses and downsizing is a key consideration.

With another energy price review coming in April perhaps it is time for businesses to review the amount of space they occupy and what it is costing them.

The trend to remote or hybrid working may also play a crucial role in the calculations as businesses have become more confident that productivity does not reduce when staff are working away from the office.

Downsizing businesses still need record storage

Not All Records Are Digital

Not All Records Are Digital

But not every business record can be stored in digital form. In some cases, businesses are legally required to keep documents for long periods and they, too can eat up space. This can of course make downsizing a bit more of a challenge.

Our units offer the option of storage for businesses, both archive storage and stock for those that need it.

You can have just whatever size of space you need for however long you need it and it won’t cost as much as paying for rent and heating in your office.

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