Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy by washing at a lower temperature
Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

With the weather turning cold – you know what they say about March weather! – we’ve been doing a little research on your behalf and found some useful energy saving tips for you.
These are all fairly simple things to do that won’t cost anything and could help keep your energy bills under control.

Curtains and Lights

Close all your curtains and window blinds at night to keep the warmth in. If you don’t have double glazing window film is a form of temporary secondary glazing which helps stop heat escaping through glass. If you also identify and fix draughts, you could save up to £60 per year.

Switching to energy saving lightbulbs could save up to £55 per year.

Boiler and Radiators

Turning your combi boiler flow temperature down to 60°C could save you up to £100 a year. The flow temperature is the temperature of the water that your boiler sends to radiators. Reducing flow temperature isn’t the same as lowering your thermostat and won’t noticeably reduce the temperature of your home.Turn down the radiators in rooms you are not using to between 2.5 and 3 to save up to £70 per year. Don’t turn them ff altogether is less energy efficient.


Almost all electrical appliances in your home, such as computers, televisions, smart devices and video game consoles, draw power continuously unless unplugged. Turn off the power switch at the socket or unplug appliances from the socket when they are not in use.

Saving energy by washing at a lower temperature

Wash clothes at a lower temperature

Wash clothes at a lower temperature to save as much as £40 a year.

And finally, if you have a hot water cylinder it is worth investing in a cylinder jacket to save another £70 a year.



Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay