Sponsors of Suffolk FA

Sponsors of Suffolk FA

Originally posted in September 2015 at the beginning of our sponsorship deal with Suffolk FA Girl’s and Women’s Football.

With our new sponsorship deal for Suffolk FA Girl’s and Women’s Football for the 2015-2016 season and everyone questioning me on do I have an interest in football, and who do I support etc. I thought I would delve a bit deeper into the history of women’s football and get a better sense of the women’s game and how it has developed.

It really only seems that the women’s game to has come to our full attention in the past few years, however there is some tentative evidence that the women’s football, not surprisingly, has been around as long as the men’s game.

There are a number of opinions about the accuracy of dates, the earliest of which estimates 5000 BCE. That’s a really long time ago so I’ll bring it up to date a bit more – The first match recorded by the Scottish FA took place in Glasgow in 1892 and in England, the first recorded women’s game of football took place in 1895.

1895: The first English women’s football match. North beat South 7-1.

1920: The first women’s international game. Preston-based Dick Kerr’s Ladies beat a French XI 2-0. Attendance: 25,000.

1920: The biggest crowd to date for a women’s game. On Boxing Day, 53,000 watch Dick Kerr’s Ladies beat St Helen’s Ladies 4-0.

1921: The FA puts a ban on women playing on Football League grounds. “…the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged.”

1969: The Women’s Football Association (WFA) is formed with 44 member clubs.

1971: The FA Council lifts the ban which forbade women playing on the grounds of affiliated clubs.

1991: The WFA launches a national league, which kicks-off with 24 clubs.

2007: Arsenal become the first British side to win Europe’s top club prize, the UEFA Women’s Cup.

2015: England reach semi-finals of 2015 FIFA women’s world cup and are placed 3rd after beating Germany 1-0.

A long history with a bit of a tough time, hopefully the women’s game can now continue to go from strength to strength.

We are all really pleased that HomeStore Self Storage has this opportunity to support ladies football in Suffolk and I hope that I will be able to bring you more news and updates in the coming weeks.

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