What To Do With Camping Gear And Garden Furniture After The Summer?


Camping and/or Garden?

With lockdown restrictions and travel uncertainty causing many people to avoid the risk of an overseas summer holiday it has been reported that sales of camping equipment and garden accessories have been going through the roof.

The equipment for both has become increasingly sophisticated, and therefore bulky, especially in the garden, where additional items like gazebos and fire pits have become essential items.


Bookings for outdoor holidays have increased by as much as 273 per cent compared to two years ago according to some camping holiday agents.


Camping Equipment Sales have soared

All this has led to a shortage of equipment, but if you were lucky enough to get what you needed have you thought about the storage space you will need when it’s not in use?

Is Your Shed Large Enough?

Most of us do not have sufficiently large garden sheds to store all this extra equipment along with the garden maintenance equipment we already have.
But there is a solution and that is to store it all with us for the winter, where it will be secure, dry and safe.
Why not give us a call to find out more about storage costs and assessing the space you might need?

Image by chulmin park from Pixabay