Christmas Chaos and a Fridge

Cash Machine ATM
Christmas Chaos and a Fridge

Christmas Chaos

Well, it happened to me and I thought it never would. I’m too clever and smart when it comes to my money and the thieves would never get their hands on my money – or so I thought.
Christmas chaos is about to descend on me from a great height and I thought I would start to get things organized, for a change! Space is a big problem when you have 10 people for Christmas Lunch and live in a small 2 bed terraced house. So I had a great idea that I would put all the ‘unnecessary’ things in my storage unit at HomeStore and that would be a great weight off my shoulders. My guests would be able to actually move around my living room without things getting in the way.


Overflow Fridge

Overflow fridge for Christmas

Then I had another brainwave to help with my space problems. My fridge is never big enough at Christmas so I decided to look for a second hand small fridge to put in my out house to store the extra drinks, trifle and cold Turkey! Simple, have a look in the paper and on social media sites and find one cheap. It didn’t take me long and I found one – great I thought – rang the lady up and arranged to go and pick it up.
I took my 2 strapping sons with me in my car so that they could lift it in for me and off we went. I needed to get some money out of a cash point to pay the lady for the fridge, so decided to stop off at the local supermarket to get the cash. I was slightly annoyed when I parked up, got out in the pouring rain and got to the machines to find that both machines were out of order. I got back in the car and went to the next available cash point which was a high street bank with 2 cash points in the foyer of the building. I parked up, again getting out of my car into the pouring rain only to find that these cash point machines were out of order too. By this time I was pretty fed up and very wet and drove to the next available cashpoint which was a kiosk in the middle of the town. I got out, quickly put my card in the machine, drew the money out, snatched my money out of the machine and got back in the car.
Off we went and got the fridge, which turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be and I was chuffed with it.


Cash Machine ATM

Cash Machine

Then the next morning I got a phone call from my bank saying that they believe that there had been fraudulent activity on my account! I could not believe it and knew instantly how, where and when it happened. They had actually spent just over £1500 of my money in four different places and it instantly felt like I had been robbed. To say I was upset was an understatement and I fretted about it for a few days until finally it was all sorted out.
I watched these fraudulent amounts coming out of my bank account and then I watched the amounts going back onto my account and I was so relieved.
You have to be so careful these days and not just at Christmas Time when it seems to be at it most prevalent, but all year around.

All’s Well for Christmas

All this hit me for six but thankfully I was fully covered and my money was safe. I also have a fridge ready for the chaos and my belongings are all safely tucked up in HomeStore. I shall be content and be able to relax this Christmas – eventually!