When might you need short term storage?

When might you need short term storage?

Short term Storage

From a sudden emergency to the changing seasons, there are plenty of reasons why self-storage facilities may be needed. Here’s a selection:

Small businesses

short term storage

Time to organise your home office

In the early stages of starting up a business it may be wise to work from a home office. This way the fledgling business can keep overheads to a minimum until it is properly established. Using a room at home, though, may mean clearing out and storing some furniture for a time.
If the business is based on e-commerce, storage will also be needed for stock, especially if this changes with the seasons. If it is a trade offering services like plumbing, painting and decorating or house repairs and renovations, storage may be needed for essential parts and supplies and some tools not needed every day.


There are many reasons why a household may need storage for a short space of time, ranging from emergencies to the changes in the seasons.
It is not uncommon for there to be last-minute hitches in a home move that leave people with the furniture packed in a van, but nowhere to go for a few days or a couple of weeks. Short term self-storage to the rescue!
During the year, there are certain times when short term self-storage can make everything work more smoothly.
Spring and summer are the favourite times for redecorating or home renovation. It is much easier and quicker to carry out such plans in an empty room. Short term storage also ensures that there will be no mishaps during the process that could damage furniture.
Summer holidays are when the students tend to return from university complete with their entire life support system. Minimise stress resulting from a full house of both people and “stuff” by putting the stuff in storage.
Once the seasons change and the weather becomes colder and wetter there will be less lawn mowing and gardening to do, but also few chances to sit out in the garden in the evening. Putting the equipment and furniture into store will protect it from weather damage until it is needed again.
Finally, in an age of smaller houses with less cupboard space, it is much more difficult to hide the Christmas presents from over-excited and impatient little ones. Short term storage will solve that problem too.