A New Trend in Home Decoration

A New Trend in Home Decoration

The Rise of Maximalism – Decoration Trend

For years the fashion in home interior decoration has been for minimalism. No clutter and neutral colours with only the occasional splash of bright colour introduced in soft furnishings.
This trend was partly influenced by the advice of estate agents to people selling their homes. Potential buyers needed to be able to imagine themselves in the house and not be distracted by the current owners’ personal possessions, pictures etc.
Partly, also, it was because of the issue of global warming, climate change and the damage that was being done by a “throwaway society” and a culture of replacing perfectly serviceable items for the latest version.

A Shift From The Bland

While the issue of climate change has not gone away, if anything it has become even more of a concern, it is the idea that we all have to live in a bland, neutral environment devoid of any personality which appears to be shifting.
According to one national newspaper there is a new trend in interiors, which they have called maximalism.
Key features are colour – lots of it, bright, neon, some of it clashing, and collections of curious and colourful items.

Express Yourself

Expressive decorating

Bookcases, plants and quirky collections

This trend is not about filling our homes with clutter, but about allowing ourselves to express our personalities.

So back have come bookcases, plants and quirky collections, such as colourful bottles, toys or tea trays as given as one example in an article by BBC.

In a sense the trend continues the recycle/upcycle idea.  It does not mean having everything new and modern.  But in contrast to the stripped back, natural look of wood on doors, skirting boards and the like, the new look features paint.

A brightly-painted old-style fire surround. Colourful walls in strong colours. Pictures or images with colourful frames on the walls and if the colours clash, so much the better.

Image: bedrck @ Pixabay