Downsizing Can Be a Liberation

Downsizing can be liberating
Downsizing Can Be a Liberation

Any change can be daunting and none more so than making the decision to move from a larger family home. However, downsizing could also be a liberation.

The children have grown up and have left to start their own adult lives, but alongside the lives lived within those walls, has come an accumulation of stuff. Sometimes, despite the sentimental value, it accumulates to the point where the garage and shed are crammed full, as is the attic and probably the spare rooms or underneath the beds!

The more we accumulate the harder it becomes

The more we accumulate, the harder it becomes to get started on the process of decluttering, not least when some of the accumulation actually belongs to other people.
How many parents have been asked to give house room to their children’s treasured “must keep” possessions, that they cannot store in their own, most likely smaller, accommodation?
The pressures of a lack of affordable family housing in the UK puts pressure on so-called “empty nesters” to move out and release their properties to others who need them.
But there are other, more practical considerations, such as the cost and effort involved in maintaining a large house, not least, keeping it warm in winter.

Downsizing can be liberating

House move to a smaller property

Clearing out can be a liberation

While it may be daunting to contemplate the effort involved in finally clearing out the accumulated possessions of years, not to mention the emotional wrench, downsizing can also, surprisingly, be a liberation.
You are no longer responsible for other people’s stuff. It will encourage you to consider how much of your own stuff you actually still use – are you ever likely to re-read all those books? How much of that large-capacity kitchen equipment or sports gear do you actually still use?
Once you get started on the process, you could find, that some of the equipment and other items may generate some cash if you sell them online. Some may be suitable for charity shops to help out someone who is much in need.
There is a liberation in getting rid of stuff that is never actually used and once the move is complete it is possible you will be starting on a new adventure. It will take far less time to clean, garden and maintain a smaller home. It will also reduce the bills.
And with that spare money and time you can perhaps embark on a new hobby or pursuit that there has never previously had room for in your life.

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