Reasons To Use Self Storage

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Reasons to use self storage

This is by no means an exhaustive list and below shows just some of the reasons people use us for self storage –

30 reasons to use self storage
1. Personal items
2. Moving house
3. Redecorating
4. Renovating
5. Downing sizing
6. Selling a house
7. Clearing a house
8. Travelling
9. Moving abroad
10. Separating/divorcing
11. Christmas decorations
12. Hiding Christmas presents
13. Summer outdoor furniture
14. Soft furnishings from boats and beach huts
15. Wedding present storage
16. Student flat contents inbetween terms/years
17. Business archiving
18. Changing offices
19. Office refurbishment
20. Restaurant refurbishment
21. Point of sale and display material
22. Business stock
23. Off-loading deliveries before distributing or onward transit
24. Leaflets, booklets and flyers
25. Theatre costumes
26. Theatre props and scenery
27. Musical instruments and sheet music
28. Exercise equipmet
29. Club and group sports equipment
30. DJ Equipment

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