Love is in the Air – Planning a Wedding?

Love is in the Air – Planning a Wedding?
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Planning the Big Day

Late February and early March see couples, but especially prospective brides, thoughts turn to wedding fairs and inspiration, help and advice on planning the big day.
Whether it is to be a small, intimate occasion or a grandioso “do”, wedding presents and the list will inevitably be one of these considerations, along with suits and dresses, hair pieces, shoes, matching accessories and all manner of items you may need to put the finishing touches to your big day.

Getting Ready

Planning can take a fair amount of time, months and sometimes years and if you are organising everything yourself because you are your own wedding planner, then you may be starting to buy items well in advance of your wedding day. But what do you do with all these beautiful items which need to be kept safe and out of harm’s way? Maybe a self contained storage unit is just the answer. A one meter cubed unit is large enough for several boxes to be stored. Even the early arriving wedding present can be safely put inside, avoiding the temptation of opening or using the gift until it can be moved into the marital home.
Larger units can easily accommodate a free standing clothes rail so if you happen to find your dream dress and have to buy it there and then, you don’t have to worry about ramming it into an already “heaving at the seams” wardrobe but it can safely be stored, freely hanging, in a clean, dry environment ready for the big day. Of course the same is true for bridesmaid dresses and suits.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The possibilities are endless and if you need any advice or help with questions regarding storing possibilities then we are always willing to listen and do what we can to help.
Happy planning and “Congratulations”!