Short term self storage for a stress-free Christmas

Short term self storage for a stress-free Christmas

The season of “goodwill” is looming and while we all look forward to it as a time of warm feelings, catching up with friends and family and having a few days to relax, too often the reality is increased stress levels and no room to breathe.

Christmas Stress Inducers

Top of the list of stress-inducers is the additional “stuff” that fills the house, some of it gifts that need to be kept hidden from excited children, who will do their level best to find them.
This can be difficult if the item is large, such as a new bike, and compounded by the problem of finding somewhere to assemble items.

Christmas Orders and Deliveries

On the subject of gifts, self-storage customers have an added advantage of having their purchases delivered to the storage location, eliminating the worry of missing a delivery because you work full time and cannot be at home during the delivery windows that have been assigned.
It will also prevent the delivery people from leaving some fragile or valuable item somewhere inappropriate and insecure outside, such as a porch.
You can then either collect the deliveries from the self store facility when it is convenient or if you have allowed the staff at the unit access to your storage space, they can put the items safely in there for you.

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents


Then there are the older offspring arriving home from University or college complete with their “life support system”.
There is a simple solution, and this is self-storage. It is secure, dry and most importantly NOT at home. You can safely hide gifts, use a unit to assemble anything that needs it and stash the additional belongings that have returned home temporarily with their owners.

Christmas is a time when relatives may also come to stay for a few days – again along with their luggage. If you have been using a spare bedroom as a place to store items that are only used occasionally, a pre-Christmas declutter of those items into a self-storage unit will create the hospitable and welcoming rooms for visitors.


These simple solutions will ensure that your home is both comfortably able to accommodate extra visitors and a place where you can all relax and enjoy their company – stress free.
Once the festive season is over, you can bring the stored items back, or perhaps think about whether you actually need them all or whether it might be time to turn the Christmas declutter into something more permanent.