Storms and Garden Equipment

Storms and Garden Equipment

Storms and Garden Equipment

Many people store their garden equipment in our units over the winter, avoiding bad weather and wintery storms. Often though, people will risk leaving items outdoors and just stack and cover the garden furniture with a waterproof covering.

However, garden furniture these days can be, as well as stylish, very expensive, and often like an outdoor suite of furniture.

So, it is not something that we want to risk getting damaged in the winter weather.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can easily get damaged in stormy and windy winter weather

Winter Winds Beset The UK

Usually, it is enough to stack it and cover it, but that may not be enough in the light of the storms that have beset the UK this week.

We have already suffered through storm Ciara, and seen the damage it has caused, but there is another one, Dennis, on the way this weekend that the forecasters re warning could be equally powerful with gusting winds of up to 70mph.

If you would like to put your garden furniture safely under cover away from the weather to avoid it being damaged or even blown away, you can rent a space for just seven days, our minimum rental period.

To find out more, please give us a call and we will do our best to help you.