Covid and the Growth of the Need for Storage Space

Girl wearing disposable face mask
Covid and the Growth of the Need for Storage Space

Our Lives Have Changed

We have all had our lives changed or disrupted due to the Coronavirus outbreak and particularly so when it comes to working or running a business.
If you visit any shop now, you are likely to find sanitisation stations at every entrance so that you can clean your hands or the handles of any shopping baskets or trolleys you might be using.
Offices, too, have had to revise their layouts, creating more space between workstations and installing Perspex “sneeze” screens to protect both visitors and employees.
Then, there have been the safety measures that have had to be introduced in restaurants, bars and cafes, as they have re-opened, again, cutting down on the available space for storage.

Storage Space Is At A Premium

But for many small businesses, storage space is at a premium and finding space to keep additional stocks of sanitisers and PPE, or to store unused desks can be a problem.
It has been calculated that the pandemic has accelerated e-commerce growth by between four and six years.
As an example, in the second quarter of this year, Amazon sales have increased by an estimated 40%.

Girl Wearing Face Visor

Wearing Masks and Visors is now common practice

Changing Needs

In addition, as the disruption has continued, some people have lost their jobs and some have started up new businesses selling products, craft items, masks and other items mostly online.
A time of radical change is often a good time for start-ups if they are agile and innovative enough to come up with new products and services that meet the changing needs of their customers.
But often new businesses are home based and if they are selling products via e-commerce as ever, there will be a shortage of storage space.

Self Storage Can Help

Self-storage can help. It is flexible both in terms of the minimum storage periods and space you can rent and in terms of access to your property, which is 24/7. It is a convenient, affordable option for both those businesses that have had to adapt existing space for the safety of their employees and customers and for the new e-commerce-based start-up.
Our Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich units could be the answer to your business space and storage problems. Why not give us a ring to discuss what you need.