Happy 10th Anniversary HomeStore

anniversary celebration
Happy 10th Anniversary HomeStore

We can’t quite believe that we have reached this wonderful milestone. 10 years!

A lot has happened in that time both in business terms and for the HomeStore team personally, but we are very thankful that both of us (John, the Branch Manager and myself, Sarah) are still here 10 years on – the original team!
So, we thought that we would look back on some of the more memorable moments from this decade, in a 10th Anniversary review.

Squirrel in storage unit

HomeStore Ipswich Squirrel Video

The Making of Our Video

I think that both John and myself agree that the making of the HomeStore Video has to be one of the highlights for us both. The concept of the Squirrel storing at HomeStore was brilliant and John relished his acting debut in both parts as “David” and “The Squirrel”. That was back in 2012, and seems an awfully long time ago.

Unusual Items Stored

Since we opened on 12th April 2008, we have had the pleasure of storing for our customers – an original Dalek and also a Daimler which had its own story, in as much as, it had previously been used by members of the Royal Family at the funeral procession of Princess Diana. There have also been vintage bikes and a whole army of mannequins all dressed in military garments from WWII.

Sniffing Round

Occasionally we welcome Border Force and their clever dogs on to the premises. Not only does this give them a chance to practice but also a chance for them to check the premises and it was on one such occasion back in 2009 that a new “trainee dog” made a positive indication! Well, there is a certain protocol which then has to be followed and everything went from light-hearted to very serious “you must call the customer whose unit this is, now”. We did and everything turned out to be a false call from the new pup, but it was quite tense for a while waiting for the customer to turn up!

Making New Friends

We have been very fortunate over the last ten years as we have welcomed some lovely customers and have made some good friends through the course of our work. We have heard some heart-wrenching stories to the most bizarre of reasons for storing, but our customers through the last ten years have been fantastic and we feel so lucky to be in such a great place and to be able to have met some great people. We just hope we are as lucky as we head into the next ten years.
Thank you to everyone for their support.