Myths and Misapprehensions

Myths and Misapprehensions

Self-Storage myths and misapprehensions

Myths: Self-storage is for hoarders, usually millennials.
Wrong. While millennials perhaps buy more stuff, research shows that they typically sell what they don’t want to keep any longer on sites like eBay to earn some cash.
Also, research has shown that while more than half of all self-storage is rented by people moving to a new house, redecorating or making space for a new family member, it is also used by businesses to archive records and store seasonal stock. The UK’s Self Storage Association has calculated that more than 10,000 new enterprises were launched in self-storage facilities.
Myth: self-storage is expensive
Wrong: the space you rent is tailored to the amount of stuff you want to store, and often if it is for more than 6 months or a year, rental will be at a reduced rate.
Myth: self-storage is not secure
Wrong: self-storage companies take their business very seriously, and generally have CCTV, secure fencing, security lighting and sprinkler systems against fire.
Myth: contracts are too long – at least six months.
Wrong: most companies will let you rent for as little as two weeks or a month, depending on the company.


Security Padlock on Self Storage Unit Door

Myth: you can keep anything in a storage unit.
Wrong, for the sake of safety and security, you can’t store anything flammable, liable to explode (such as gas bottles), hazardous chemicals or perishable goods (that might attract rats and mice)
Myth: I don’t need insurance
Wrong: while the company will have business insurance cover, you should also insure your property. If it’s valuable enough to store, it’s valuable enough to insure.
Myth: self-storage units are dark and dirty
Wrong: storage units are kept clean and well-lit and are usually cleaned thoroughly when a tenant moves their stuff out.