Quiz. How Well do you know Suffolk?

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Quiz. How Well do you know Suffolk?

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1. Which Suffolk village signs has a horse-drawn cart standing next to a mill, along with a church topped by a crown?

2. Which Suffolk village has mostly been submerged by the sea?

3. Where is there a famous sculpture on a beach with the words “I hear those voices that will not be drowned” around the edge and who was the sculptor?

4. Why did an Ipswich-born Cardinal fall out of favour with Henry Vlll and what was his name?

5. Which Suffolk-based manufacturer makes an ingredient that goes into Maltesers and where is it?

6. Where were the first lawnmowers mass-produced in England and by whom?

7. Where and when was Radar developed?

8. Who was the King of East Anglia before the Norman Conquest?

9. Which popular 20th Century newspaper cartoonist worked in Suffolk for much of his life and where is there a statue in his honour?

10. What is the statue in Giles’ Honour?

1. Buxhall – depicting the area’s agricultural heritage and its only pub, the Crown
2. Dunwich – in the 11th Century was one of the largest towns in England. The town was hit by a succession of storms in the 13th and 14th centuries and is now largely below the sea.
3. Aldeburgh beach – Maggi Hambling
4. Cardinal Wolsey – he failed to get an annulment of Henry’s marriage to Catharine of Aragon, and he was arrested and accused of treason in 1530
5. Muntons – in Stowmarket, manufacturers Malt – an essential ingredient for the sweets.
6. Ransomes – in Ipswich from 1833.
7. Bawdsey Research Station – near Felixstowe, which opened in 1936.
8. Edmund the Martyr, commonly known as St Edmund. He died in November 869
9. Carl Giles – the statue is in Ipswich town centre
10. Grandma, Giles’ most famous creation.