Significant People and Events in Suffolk

Significant People and Events in Suffolk

John Winthrop

John Winthrop from Edwardstone, a small village approximately 7 miles west of Hadleigh in Suffolk, led the first large wave of immigrants from England in 1630 and was a leading figure in founding Boston, America, and became one of the first governors of Massachusetts.

Samuel Packard

Samuel Packard was baptised on 17 September 1612 in the Church at Stonham Aspal. Samuel sailed in The Diligent from Ipswich in June, arriving in Boston Harbour, Massachusetts on 10 August 1638. It is believed that descendants of Packard went on to start companies such as Packard Cars – an American luxury automobile brand. The first Packard automobiles were produced in 1899, and the last true Packard in 1956. And Hewlett-Packard the IT company, founded in about 1938 and which has been quoted as being the founding company of Silicon Valley.

June Brown

June Brown, (Dot Cotton in “EastEnders”) was born in Needham Market in 1927 and was educated in Ipswich. She went to Miss Daisy’s in 1930 when she was just three years old, then to St John’s Church of England School, Ipswich, Suffolk; she then won a scholarship to Ipswich High.

Trevor Nunn

Trevor Nunn was born in Ipswich and attended Northgate School. He was director of The Royal Shakespeare Company 1968-78 and The Royal National Theatre 1979-2003. He is currently the director of the Theatre Royal Haymarket. (Amazingly, he attended primary school with Sarah’s late Mum)

Carl Giles

Carl Giles – better known as just Giles – lived in Witnesham and worked in Ipswich for much of his adult life. He is buried in Tuddenham along with his wife of over 50 years. He produced the much-loved cartoons for “The Daily Express“ including his famous “Grandma” character (Another amazingly (!) Sarah used to work in the office next to Giles in Princes Street, Ipswich, Suffolk)

Events in September

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