This Month In Suffolk – Gainsborough and Eno

Suffolk sons
This Month In Suffolk – Gainsborough and Eno

Two Famous Suffolk Sons

This month we’re spotlighting two famous Suffolk sons, one historic and one modern and both born during the time covered by our enewsletter.

Thomas Gainsborough

Thomas Gainsborough the artist and landscape painter was born in Sudbury in May 1754, the youngest son of a cloth merchant.
At the age of 13 he was apprenticed to a London silversmith, and was taught by Hubert-François Gravelot, a French book-illustrator.

Although his real first love was landscape painting, Gainsborough quickly turned to portraits for their popularity and the financial stability they offered. His works, painted in dark colours with economical brush strokes, were of contemporary celebrities as well as local merchants and townspeople. He gained widespread acclaim and emerged as one of the leading portrait artists of the century. Among his most notable works are his portraits entitle “The Blue Boy” 1779 and Mr and Mrs Andrews 1750

He returned to Suffolk after his marriage to Margaret Burr in 1746 and in 1752 established a studio in Ipswich, after which he and the family settled in Bath in 1759.

The National Portrait Gallery in London is hosting an exhibition of over 50 of Gainsborough’s works entitled “Gainsborough’s Family Album” running from 22 November 2018 – 3 February 2019.

Brian Eno

Music composer and writer

Music composer and writer

Brian Eno was born in May 1948 in Suffolk and studied painting and experimental music at the art school at Ipswich Civic College in the mid-1960s and then at Winchester School of Art. His full name is Brian, Peter George Eno which he later altered to Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.

He is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, writer, and visual artist and he joined glam rock group Roxy Music as synthesiser player in 1971. After recording two albums with the band, he departed in 1973 to record a number of solo albums, coining the term “ambient music” to describe his work. He has collaborated with many artists including David Bowie, U2, Grace Jones, Coldplay and Damon Albarn.