Impact On Physical Health – Working From Home

Impact On Physical Health – Working From Home

It’s not always easy to create a productive work space from home and in this mini-series of blogs I am covering some of the areas for consideration.

These considerations of making space at home and actually being able to achieve it could be miles apart.

A space to work

Impact on the rest of the household

Having to wear several “hats” at the same time

Working out a schedule

Impact on Health – Physical

Impact on Health – Mental wellbeing

Today I’m looking at –

Impact on Health – Physical

Just because you are working at home doesn’t mean you have to forget about taking breaks or a lunch hour. Good work and rest practices still apply. Make sure you have space to move or fidget. Look away from your screen every 20 or 30 minutes and give your eyes a chance to relax for a few minutes. Walk round and stretch every hour or so, this could be while you are boiling the kettle for your next coffee. Move your hips, shoulders, neck and wrists. Make up a little dance to the sound of the boiling water or the dishwasher swishing!

Yoga pose physical health

Exercise is a key factor to maintaining good physical health

A good exercise routine every day, even if you can’t get outside, helps to keep those muscles moving all over your body. There are several online routines now and you won’t need any special equipment.

Sitting correctly and on a good chair helps to alleviate any potential back problems. You might consider buying new furniture if you find that working from home is now a long-term option by your employer.

Don’t forget to eat

As I mentioned, taking breaks and an actual lunch hour are key to maintaining good physical health. Make sure you eat in this time as well. Good healthy options like brightly coloured salads.

Maybe there’s time for a 10 minute workout during lunch or in the time before or after work when you would have been on your commute. Whatever you do remember to enjoy it and don’t overdo it to start off, but something is better than nothing!

Finally to finish this little series, I’m looking at the impact working from home has on our mental wellbeing.