Wearing Lots of Hats – Working From Home

Wearing Lots of Hats – Working From Home

Creating a productive workspace is possibly not an easy ask for some people and while in the current climate this has become a necessity for many, it may be more simply said than done.

In this, part 3, of my mini series of blogs, I am covering some of the areas for consideration of making space at home, including, having to wear lots of “hats”.

A space to work

Impact on the rest of the household

Having to wear lots of “hats” at the same time

Working out a schedule

Impact on Health – Physical

Impact on Health – Mental wellbeing

Today I’m looking at –

Having to wear lots of “hats” at the same time

Hats symbolising multiple jobs

Having to wear several “hats” at the same time

Pandemic working from home is a very different thing to normal working from home. A large number of people who are now working from home have been thrown in to this situation with no proper time to prepare.

A large number of people are also finding that as well as working from home they are suddenly turned teacher or carer also and so wearing all these hats at the same time throws up all kinds of challenges.

When can I fit in time for work? What if the children get bored? How do I manage the housework and shopping and…

This can seem all too overwhelming but breaking everything down in to managable slots can help. Forget multitasking. It’s proven, there is no such thing. Who can perform more than one thing at a time anyway, except an octupus maybe!?

Getting Help

Another big help for getting organised with your multi-hat duties is from the internet. There are so many apps and so much online information, that with all this great advise on all topics this pandemic has suddenly thrown at us, there is bound to be something you could find useful. And reassuringly, if other people didn’t have the same questions or needs, these things wouldn’t have been written!

Here are a couple which I have found –

Toggl with time trackers and multi app integrations, this looks like it could be a great help in keeping you on track with work flow and how you are spending your time.

Zoom – which until lockdown I had never heard of and I only used Facetime for one to one video calls. With Zoom however, you can schedule meetings and video calls for multiple attendees. I have found this great for our Saturday evening family quiz. Five teams across five locations. Even my 76 year old Dad can use it!

Fitness apps – The British Heart Foundation has put together a list of 8 free apps to help keep you up and moving!

Having a rountine where the day is broken down in to time slots might seem a bit regimented but starting with the right intention is better than not having a plan at all and tomorrow I’m looking at working out a schedule.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 

Please note: We have no affliliation with any of the companies discussed and these apps are examples of tools available to help with planning.