Working Out A Schedule – Working From Home

Working Out A Schedule – Working From Home

Creating a productive workspace is possibly not an easy ask for some people and while in the current climate this has become a necessity for many, it may be more simply said than done.

Among the considerations of making space at home to work I am today looking at working out a schedule.

A space to work

Impact on the rest of the household

Having to wear several “hats” at the same time

Working out a schedule

Impact on Health – Physical

Impact on Health – Mental wellbeing

Continuing this mini series of blogs today I’m looking at

Working out a schedule

words associated with planning

Plaaning a schedule

Having a routine is important. It can help to set you up for the work day ahead. Setting up a schedule that works for you is possibly a challenge with all the other things to consider, but sitting down with other members of your household and writing a plan of who needs to be on an important call, on what day and at a certain time or when the children need to have lunch or just time for them to watch their favourite TV show can help to get the days flowing much more easily.

Getting up at the same time everyday, showering and dressing appropriately can help to focus your mind. Staying in your PJ’s is probably not a good idea!

Pretend that you are journeying to work – this might be as simple as a walk round the other rooms in your house and coming back to your work area as if you are entering your place of work and then doing the same thing in reverse at the end of the day, help to break out work time from home time.

Don’t forget lunch

Don’t forget to schedule in a lunch break and make sure you have time away from the screen for about 5-10mins every hour or so. Stand up and jump around, jiggle on your chair or put some washing on. 5 minute tasks or reasons to rest your eyes are important and there is no harm in adding these things in to the schedule too.

Tomorrow I will cover the health issues of working from home.